U-Stone/ Bostwick Lab Cup (Pack of 5)

    SKU: MSAIUSC-1 $15.50  

The U-Stone™ /Bostwick Lab Stone Cup is used for capturing urinary tract stones in patients straining their urine. Once a patient is diagnosed with a stone or following a lithotripsy procedure, the Cup is used to capture stone fragments. The U-Stone™/Bostwick Lab Stone Cup is a collapsible, durable, high quality plastic strainer that has designed for both men and women. It includes a fine, microfiber screen at the base of the cup for stone capture. Once the stone is captured, it can be placed in the storage collection chamber under the clear lid for easy visualization. This protective storage chamber reduces the risk for specimen loss and saves it for stone analysis. This urinary stone strainer device was designed to maximize collection of urinary tract stones and reduce storage space with a collapsible container to ensure easy use. The durable light weight cup allows for easy urine collection when opened and easy storage in collapsed form.
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